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Going under the stage name Steve Kastor, I'm a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Growing up listening to classic rock of Van Halen and Guns and Roses along with pop radio, I became entranced by music after developing a love for jazz and blues during high school. Soon afterward, I began working on my music production skills through my post-secondary education. This had resulted in two 2018 releases. The first is an experimental electronic EP Electronic Endeavors that was based on work done in the spring. The second is a beat tape containing several trap-influenced instrumentals from a string of Soundcloud releases. I followed up in early 2019 with his most formal release to date MVNT. Focusing more on avant-garde production and sound design. Today, I am inspired by hard and post-rock, indie-alternative, neo-soul, and folk music.


Cafe Fantastico, Victoria British Columbia (2023)


Kastor & Co. X Ken Kosmic Photo Shoot

Alongside personal projects, I've been collaborating with longtime friend and musician Zoey Thompson. Playing under the stage name Kastor & Co., we've been performing at open mics and local live music events. Performing covers of our favorite pop, folk, and jazz tunes. Since releasing our first cover on Soundcloud in 2019, we've released a collaboration with local musician and friend Ken Kosmic titled Faultline in Spring 2022. We're planning on following up by importing previously recorded covers to streaming platforms soon.

I've also had opportunities to work with local musicians by collaborating for live performances and acting as studio musicians for commercial releases. These include SYNA, Sanford & Powell, Ken Kosmic, and more local to Victoria, BC.  Involving a mixture of indie rock, bedroom-pop, and art pop.

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