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I'm currently residing in Victoria, British Columbia after graduating from the University of Victoria with a B.S. in music and computer science. I'm a multi-instrumentalist musician who focuses on guitar with experience outlined by competing in several high school jazz competitions such as Surrey Envisions, Lionel Hampton, and West Coast Jazz Festival. As well as years of gigging in indie rock and pop bands around Victoria, BC.

Since 2022, I have worked at the Victoria Jazz Society, a non-profit professional arts organization in Esquimalt, BC. Which produces two large-scale festivals: the TD Victoria International JazzFest and BC Smoke Shop Harbour Blues 'n Roots Festival. I was their volunteer coordinator as well as an administrative assistant, communicating with 250+ volunteers between both festivals along with assisting with outdoor venue production, general logistics, and facilitation of beer gardens for both festivals. I also produced standalone spreadsheet software for volunteer scheduling and now in 2024 am employed as their website and software developer.

As well, I am a beta tester for DriveWise BC, the province's largest driving school for new eLearning modules and materials. Some cool projects I've done include creating the world's largest (self-proclaimed) guitar pedal from a 60's era Buchla synthesizer, helping produce a music visualizer using Max/MSP, and creating a web application that sequences Spotify playlists. I have helped produce for bands within BC, from recording to mixing/mastering services.


TD Victoria International JazzFest 2023

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